sports presenter Gerhard Delling will stop after information of the “Bild-Zeitung”in may of 2019, in the case of the ARD. “I want to know after so many years, now New, want me to try, want to learn a lot,” said the 59-Year-old of the newspaper.

He think now about the development of a football App. “And I want to write a book – maybe even a novel,” said Delling of the “image”.

Since 1987, in the Rendsburg-born Delling is the presenter of the sports show, and is regarded as a connoisseur of football. He got his first job in 1984 at the North German broadcasting, he is considered to be one of the most prominent reporters of the ARD and is valued for his expertise by the audience.

Legendary was his a total of twelve years of permanent Co-presenter with Ex-national player Günter Netzer Play for the German national football team. For this type of Moderation Delling and Netzer were in the year 2000, the Adolf-Grimme-award.