In July, the occupied EU competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager Google with a record fine. 4,34 billion Euro fine to US numbers group of the EU because of unfair competition behavior. In addition, the company has to change its Android business model in Europe. The latter should immediately happen, which is why Google introduced on Tuesday a series of measures from the 29. October apply.

Among other things, Smartphone and Tablet manufacturers in the future Google services such as Maps, even without Google or the web browser Chrome on their devices pre – installed you can search. This was a Central demand of the EU competition authorities.

they saw in the previously Google required a forced bundling of all of Google applications with the Android operating system a try, Google’s dominance in Internet searches on the PC to be transferred to Smartphones. Hardware manufacturers will now be able to separate licenses for Chrome and the Google search buy.


in addition, the Hardware-manufacturer in the future, in addition to pure Android devices, but also devices with different Android versions (so-called Forks) on the European market. So far, Google had not allowed its partners such offers.

In July Vestager had called Amazon’s Fire OS as an example of this practice: Amazon have to offer be modified the Android System to other manufacturers. Who were also interested, would not be able to use the Software, but because they may have no devices with Google services and more. The Commission saw this as unfair competition.

Android chief Hiroshi lock Heimer said in a blog entry, Google had to agree with the EU Commission and the criminal objected to the measures because of it. In the past week but opposition can for years going through the courts.