On the “daily show” is leaving – and has been for over 60 years. All the more and surprising for the viewers shocking, if a speaker can’t short to moderate hand.

as of Jan Hofer on last Thursday evening. During the 20-watch edition of the “daily show” he seemed dazed, had to hold on to his Moderationspult. Twelve seconds, the cameras were still on Hofer, then a black image was displayed. “Tagesschau.de” explains the chief editor Kai Gniffke this decision so: “First of all assumed that Jan Hofer is yet to come ‘to the finish’.” But when it became clear that this would not succeed, should be displayed in a closing variant. “This is miss long, so that neither the normal nor the short guy left and the image for a long, long remained,” says Gniffke.

ARD fee

Not luxury salary – the Jan Hofer earned as a “daily show”-the speaker

“the daily show”: What if the presenter is short hand?

as is actually the contingency plan, if the Moderator or presenter is short hand? This has also answered Gniffke “Tagesschau.de”. “If just before a broadcast, a speaker fails, depending on the time of day, a presenter from tagesschau24, issues of the day or night magazine. It happened during a broadcast, the texts of the so-called ‘Off-speaker is able to read it sitting next to the Studio in a speaker cab, to the short films in the days of ‘Off’,” he says.

The audience would then just see “Illustration and the Text line to the message”. Speaker or speaker feels during the Moderation to continue working in the position that could step in during a film contribution to someone else. So 2016 will not happen, as it Jan Hofer went during the “days topics”-Moderation is good, and his colleague, Caren Miosga, for him, stepped in.

On the “daily show” is leaving

“ladies and gentlemen, we continue with news that would usually present my colleague Jan Hofer now. He was just not good, so I’ll take over now,” she said at the time of shipment.

The news is in most households a fixed part of the evening routine. All the more important that the audience can rely on you and the requires, of course, a contingency plan.

source : “Tagesschau.de”