“daily show”spokesman Jan Hofer was during the Live broadcast bad

©NDR/Thorsten Jander

Alarming images from the TV Studio of “the daily show”. The chief Moderator Jan Hofer (69) is Read out to the 20 o’clock news on Thursday evening visibly not well. During the Live broadcast, he promises several times, his voice is thin and he is seeking Hold on the table. With seemingly great difficulty, he no longer directs to the weather, a Abmoderation is then possible. The First to react. After a few seconds, a black screen is displayed, the “daily show” is canceled, and the direct Start of the subsequent crime were initiated.

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during the broadcast, some concerned viewers contacted via Social Media. You want to know how the 69-Year-old. The transmitter gives the all-clear. At the end of the Live broadcast, it had become Hofer bad. “Possibly an infection he had recently, to do is not cured, entirely,” reads the official Twitter page of “the daily show”. The chief Moderator, let to examine the time, “doctor”, to him it is but again, “much better”.