India’s top model who is known for his most adorable 6 pack abs, Karan Oberoi better known as ‘KO’. He has been the face of India’s premier leading fitness brands such as Viva Fitness, Reebok, British Nutrition, Spunk Sports wear and many others.
The epitome of fitness modelling, Karan Oberoi aka KO may have been at his beefiest best in those commercials and also top of the many fitness magazines, he has magnificently shaped up his 6-pack abs physique. So how does he often deals with the change of look for every brand he shoots, he has fluctuated his weight between 78 kgs to 95 kgs.  Majority of men around the world can’t even think of losing 5 kgs at a go! Think of this young man, for him loosing and gaining weight has become a kind of joke!
Anyone who has seen Karan Oberoi aka KO’s body pictures across the internet or on Instagram, can definitely make out that his physique has been developed with hard work and discipline. The model says that he considers going to the gym a necessity and part of his routine, he considers gym as a temple and working out as his prayer. He follows a committed gym regimen and a strict dietary code. By working so hard on himself, he now understands his body extremely well and how it responds.
For those who want to achieve a look like India’s top male model Karan Oberoi aka KO, he advises that there are no short cuts to success and there is no alternative to working out. “The use of unnatural substances is unacceptable to get a body. He says a big no to the use of steroids and growth hormones as they may benefit and give results within a short span but they are harmful for the body in long run. They often lead to hair loss, high blood pressure, mood swings, loss of libido and enlarged glands. Stay away from these short cuts”, says KO.
On being a male fitness icon, he says, “Any one can have a body like me” – that was really a humble answer from a top fitness model. He very well understands that it’s not that easy, we all need determination, discipline and hard work to have a physique like Karan.
This is all you need to know to have solid 6 pack abs like India’s top male fitness model Karan Oberoi aka KO.
1. If you are new to fitness and you want to have abs then the most important thing that you need to know is that running plays a major role in attaining those solid abs. The fact is, everyone has abs according to Karan, it’s just that they aren’t visible because they are covered with fat skin layer, so when you start running gradually you start loosing fat from your belly region which ultimately gives rise to those muscles which are known as abs.
2. Abs are made of disciplined lifestyle, what we mean by this is eating in discipline and infact according to Karan we all need more dedication and discipline in our food eating habits rather than working out.
3. Foods like almonds,broccoli, bananas, lean meat, green tea and egg whites should be included in the diet.
4. Sodium that is salt intake needs to be restricted and at least 5 liters of water needs to be consumed daily to get rid of water retention as excessive water in the body can lead to bloating that can hide your abs even if they are visible.
5. Protein shake powders should be checked whether they have less or more sodium content. If the content is more than such protein powders should be discontinued. Moreover while using fitness supplements any sort of creatine supplements should also not to be consumed.
6. While targeting 6 pack abs make sure you are on a low calorie diet and burning more calories.
7.  Small meals needs to be eaten through out the day including high protein and low carbohydrate foods. One should keep munching something but ensure that it is light and healthy.
8. Abs workout:
V SIT UPS WITH BALL                3 SETS
ROPE PULL DOWNS             4 SETS
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