Still, many Fans have not digested the shock: Helene Fischer has separated from Florian Silbereiesen. After more than ten years. Shortly before Christmas, the two announced on their profiles in the social media the sad news.

For Helene, the separation is, however, a bit less sad – she already has a New one. That has been confirmed by Helene Fischer. According to media reports, it is Thomas lateral, an air-acrobats in Fischer’s Team. The had reticence recently in the HR-show “hallo hessen” and said: “The Whole thing is a work relationship that we have here.” But this has changed apparently. Florian silver iron, mentioned the New in his Facebook post. He stressed, “I’ve known Thomas a long time, he is a great guy and I wish them both the best of luck”.

in January posted Helene Fischer Video with Thomas lateral

Many Fans are wondering, however, how long Helene Fischer and Thomas lateral love. In an eleven-month-old Instagram Video, the fishermen at a concert in Stuttgart air artists. 31. January of this year, had called for the singer to a bet of Sophia Thomalla, which at the time had the prospect to have a Tattoo of Helene, or even of the then Few fishing-silver iron stab, depending on how many Likes you get Posting.

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We can help but always happy to… Let the dream by @Sophia thomalla come true! A Tattoo for eternity: – Link where to LIKE in Bio – #klubbb3 #Florian silver iron #tattooonherbody #fanpower #Helene undflorian #Sophia thomalla #Helene Fischer live #Helene Fischer #like like like

A post shared by Helene Fischer (@Helene Fischer) on Jan 31, 2018 at 12:34am PST

“I would, of course, your beautiful skin well-known Helene,” in her Video, and called on their Fans to like, “what keeps the stuff.” She wanted to be immortalized by “Florian” on your body. Thomas lateral formed at these words, his Hand is a telephone handset as if it were a telephone poll.

A strange gesture: he Had at this time already behind thoughts? It should stop its intention to have been that Helen and Florian must be tattooed, so she was crowned by success: For a Tattoo of the two, Sophia Thomalla would have needed to 500,000 Likes. It was only 320.000. This means that you need to tattooing Helene Fischer on your body. Redeemed you are not betting debt until today, however.