In a clinic in Bavaria are believed to have been several patients during surgery with a Hepatitis C infected.

“According to current knowledge, it must be assumed that the Transmission of the Virus by a doctor of the hospital took place, was infected with the Virus,” informed the district office of Donau-Ries on Tuesday.

How, exactly, the doctors, the patients should have been infected in the municipal hospital in the North the Swabian town of donauwörth, was not immediately known. The Prosecutor’s office has been turned on.

reported Four cases

As the authority, the County health Department, four cases were reported. However, it is not excluded that more patients in the Donau-Ries-Klinik affected.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease, the Virus is transferred to the Blood path. Many infect the common Use of syringes in drug use. Also, there is a risk when not properly carried out, tattoos or Piercing with contaminated needles.

infections are according to the Robert Koch-Institute is usually chronic, and are one of the most important causes of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Since the infection is mostly without complaints, it is often detected late.

More on the topic of drug copy instead of the $ 1,000 pill for Hepatitis C that could be affected are healed for 50 dollars

Worldwide 70 million people

In Germany are infected with 400,000 to 500,000 people with Hepatitis C Virus. Worldwide, approximately 70 million people suffer from the chronic Form of the disease.

There is a therapy available on the market that can cure Hepatitis C in a majority of patients, and with relatively few side effects. The drug, however, is extremely expensive. Also, Doctors in Germany have a hard time therefore, sometimes, to prescribe the substance.

aid agencies have appealed before the European patent office in Munich-an opposition against the Patent of the pharmaceutical company Gilead, to the active ingredient, in order to make it more available to patients.