this Thursday the Bundestag will adopt, what the Grand coalition has already agreed on in June: In the statutory health insurance, the parity is restored. This means that the employer 1. January 2019 half of the additional contribution.

But that is not the only innovation. Overall, the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) promises to the Insured a relief of around eight billion euros in the year.

How to be exonerated legally Insured?

The additional contribution of an average of 1.0 percent for health insurance, pay workers and pensioners currently out of your pocket. From 1. January, the employer should take the half of it. The General contribution rate of 14.6% remains untouched, it the employer and the employee share, as previously, to the same Parts. A return to the parity of contributions is more cost to come to the employer so that the Insured will be relieved of about € 6.9 billion.

What this brings to the individual Insured?

In an animated film of the Ministry of health, plopping on the head of an Insured, a new Computer, a savings, a car and a beach holiday on a pig, when he hears of the discharge. Big jumps are not due to the equal contribution of funding. Those who earn monthly 3000 Euro gross, in the future, but 15 Euro a month, for pensioners with a state pension of 1200 euros is about six euros more.

What will change for the self-employed?

For small entrepreneurs such as taxi drivers, the minimum contributions of the statutory health insurance are often too high. Spahns plans to reduce the minimum contribution from the turn of the Year more than half – from about 360 euros to about 160 euros. Accordingly, the income increases of about half a Million Affected. Discharge total: 800 million Euro per year.

Who will benefit?

From 1. In January, there will be for former Bundeswehr soldiers, to the time a single point of access to the statutory health insurance. You will receive the right of Accession to the voluntary insurance and after the end of their period of service a grant to the health insurance contributions, will be paid instead of the previous aid.

What was Spahn with the return of the funds?

The financial reserves of the statutory health insurance funds were 2017 at € 19.2 billion. In the meantime, they are growing again. Spahn is not in favour of that the funds have layers – but in this amount. The Minister wants you to melting away your financial cushion, and Insured by means of a contribution to the reductions. In the future, the funds should no longer have a monthly output as a Reserve.

funds with higher reserves are no longer allowed to raise the additional contribution from 2019. The excess revenue you need to reduce from 2020 onwards over a period of three years. The Department’s view is that scope for reductions in contributions from 500 up to € 750 million a year.

What comes to the coffers?

The health insurance companies are sitting on a statistical contribution liabilities in the amount of 6.3 billion euros – tendency for the last rising. As the main reason shall not have terminated memberships of voluntary Insured persons from the EU abroad, not staying in Germany. You don’t sign and pay no more contributions, you are insured to the maximum contribution. Spahn wants to oblige the funds, such “dead” to sort out and to end their Insurance relationship.