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Markus Brandl is since 2009 in “The mountain rescuers”

©imago/Stephan Görlich

Since the first season, Markus Brandl (44) embodies the mountain rescuers Tobias herb right in the TV series “mountain rescue” (since 2009, ZDF). But now, he rises, as the actor confirmed on Wednesday, among other things, on his Instagram Account. “Love mountain rescuers friends – as you might know already, I’m going to give the red used jacket. It was an incredible, beautiful, exciting time, and the past is not quite yet. Tobias comes in the 11. Season again…” he promises in his Post.

Why he stops with his signature role, he explains: “change is important in life and brings a new experience. I am looking forward to and want to dedicate myself to new projects,” says Brandl.

“time to say thank you!!!”

So great is his joy in the decision may be, emotionally, this is goodbye after such a long time. “Time to say thank you!!! For Your interest, and the love, messages, letters …!!! It was an honor for me! A Stroke Of Luck!”, Brandl is aimed more at the Fans. He is grateful but also at the production company, the broadcaster and “the fantastic people of Ramsau am Dachstein, the great Team and my dear colleagues”.

To his colleagues, he turns with the words: “We will remain connected. There were intensive meetings, from which deep friendships are formed. What more could you want”. To his successor, actor Ferdinand Seebacher (29), he writes: “good luck to the New Team. He will have a super time. I’m sure of it,” says Brandl. “It remains to me to be weighed”, and adopted it.