Lothar Vosseler is dead. The half-brother of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder was 71 years old and died on 29. January in Detmold. Vosseler is from the second marriage of Schroeder’s mother Erika Vosseler. He came to us at 5. April 1947 to the world.

Schröder even gave up with the closer family of the deceased, last Saturday, a memorial display in the “lippische landeszeitung”. It says: “death is great. We are His laughing mouth. If we think ourselves in the midst of life, he dares to weep in the midst of us.”

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DPA Lothar Vosseler and Gerhard Schröder: The last joint public date

the Last public one had seen Vosseler with Schröder to the funeral of the mother of Eric in the year 2012. Vosseler was twenty years ago, in 1999, in Germany known, as he criticised as an author and columnist of the “Kölner Express” the policy of his three-years older half-brother on a regular basis.

The former heating engineer and canal workers had a much more difficult life than Schröder. Several times he went through difficult phases, in the meantime, he was unemployed. In 2007, he went on, also for health reasons, to retire.