What is it?

Now arrived for the historical crime series the investigator Gereon Rath in the year 1935. Instead of “Good day” you say now “Heil Hitler” and raises his Arms, but otherwise changes little for the Berlin homicide. There are more crimes that need to be clarified. Everything after an accident in the “Marlow”, first of all, A Taxi collided at full speed against a wall. The taxi driver and his occupant, are both dead.

is found in the head of the taxi driver at the autopsy a Tumor, seems to be the cause of which is unclear. But then, Gereon finds out Rath is that it is the dead passenger to an agent that was applied to the Reich Minister Hermann Goering. A conspiracy that reaches all the way to the top leadership of the national socialists? Johann Marlow with mixes – the Thug wants to be close to the new regime and wants to legalize his business. Gereon Rath connects with the king of the world is a personal relationship – he had to take in the past for him to courier services.


“Marlow,” is Volker coachman of the latest novel. Here is the Audible Link.

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Who is speaking?

the 17-hour-long audiobook of the well-known speaker, David Nathan, has read six of the seven Gereon Rath novels by Volker Kutscher is Read. Even when Nathan tried a little too schnoddrig want to sound – that there is a solid voice for this series, is a win-win. So the Hardcore don’t have to get used to-Fans with each new case to a different Sound.

Why the audio book?

even before the Hype around the TV series “Babylon Berlin” were historical crime novels popular. Especially those in which real people in the fictional plot is woven. “Marlow” creates a special tingling, because it is on the edge of the top villains of the Nazi regime occur. In addition, coachman exciting power in addition to strands, which are linked to the main event: Gereon Raths wife Charly Marlow’s right Hand, the Chinese Liang helps Kuen-Yao, in various Ministries. Also the reader learns a lot about the reality in the Germany of the 1930s.

TV series

Beautiful women, nasty crooks, wild parties – Babylon Berlin “

Carsten Heidböhmer

What bothers”?

The novels of Volker coachman lived so far, he transported gloss and misery of the Weimar Republic: unrestrained parties, excesses and the noise at the end of a dance on the edge of the abyss. As coachman stylized the late phase of the Weimar Republic and its contradictions to the point, this has potential for addiction. The whole Setting, however, changes with the coming to power of the Nazis, the vibrant, cosmopolitan culture of Berlin quickly. As a result, the Volker coachman books made so far lacking from the book. Without this component is all the greater in the eye that Volker Kutscher is not a brilliant stylist.

For whom is the book?

For Fans of “Babylon Berlin” is the seventh book in the series. But new entrants can still get in, “Marlow” requires no special training.

Horror audio books, seven audio books, you do not leave at night Fullscreen

don’t Trust any sleep. Not even yourself. Till after the Disappearance of his six-year-old son Max under a pretext in the psychiatric ward. Because here, the alleged kidnapper of his son Guido Tramnitz a sitting. The murder of the little Laura could Tramnitz be demonstrated and also for Max, it doesn’t seem to give a lot of hope. But this murder was committed Tramnitz, which was declared by the court, erroneously as incompetent and therefore sit rather than in prison, in a psychiatric hospital, not confessed. To finally know what has made the child murderer with his son, must Till to speak to him in person. To do this, he is in the psychiatric hospital, in the Tramnitz sits. However, as the Till begins to seriously in his began to doubt the formatted instruction, it is already too late … Here it is for Download at Audible.

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