Even on the stage, Kate did not want to Winslet last, but at least one of their roles has taken the step a long time ago. In the Film, “times of turmoil” broke Winslet as April Wheeler on the big screen on life in an American suburb of the 1950s. Ten years later, the fabric is see now and again. This time on the stage of the Deutsches theater in Berlin.

without Winslet and her former partner Leonardo DiCaprio, as stage play based on the novel by Richard Yates. Again and again, novels or films currently on the stage. The Berlin Kudamm stages, for example, show for the first time, “Monsieur Pierre goes online,” according to the French Comedy film. And Dieter Hallervordens castle Park theatre has implemented “honey in the head” by Til Schweiger.

the New York Times noted recently that German theatre Directors looking for more Inspiration in movies. And in the case of older films. The newspaper called for example “The Damned” at the Berliner Ensemble, after the Film by Luchino Visconti, 1969. Or “Persona” in the German theatre after the Film by Ingmar Bergman.

“Persona” is also invited to this year’s Berliner Theatertreffen as one of the “ten most remarkable” productions from the German-speaking countries. From the perspective of festival Director Yvonne Büdenhölzer it is not a new phenomenon, that theatre to implement materials from novels or movies. Speaking of adaptations. The novel “Hiob” by Joseph Roth from the 1930s was about to come just a little later, in Paris, on the stage. “But of course, there are also current examples.”

In Frankfurt, for example, Husbands and Wives,””, screenplay by Woody Allen from 1992. The ku’damm stages had already “Welcome to the hard man” in the game plan, and several theaters put on a nationwide basis, “the intouchables”.

Büdenhölzer sees several reasons why the theatre also novels and movies. For one, there is in Germany a diverse theatre landscape. “Because you do not want doubling and even so,” said Büdenhölzer. The Theater sought a substantive, formal, and aesthetic spectrum. It is also the document would be used to disciplinary content, for example, is the Atlas or the phone book had been transposed for the stage.

“The Theater as incredibly creative,” said Büdenhölzer. “And of course this has to do with the fact that it is narcotic or title, who knows the audience.” They wanted to appeal also to younger viewers who find the classical Drama, perhaps even a deterrent. “And it’s also the artist is of course interesting how to transfer a moving image on the stage.”

Director Folke Braband finds exciting. For him, it must be a good reason to make a Film of the theatre piece. In some pieces he think you were just a poor imitation. “You may now write off only the movie, or the best of the movie. But it needs to be it’s own art product,” says Braband, now “Monsieur Pierre goes online” to the Theater.

In the world premiere of the Kudamm stages in the Schiller theatre Walther Plathe (“The country doctor”) plays the widower who tried Online Dating. From Brabands visual theatre, access to movies, because there are, in its view, less good, new plays for a broad Comedy audience. With the cinema-recognition value, you could attract a large audience.

That films successful stage to deliver fuel, have perfected, especially the musical stages. In Hamburg, The lion king has been running for many years, and in the autumn comes there with “Pretty Woman” one of the most famous love movies of the 1990s on the stage. In Munich, for example, The fabulous world of Amélie””, the Musical, “Fack ju Göhte” was set in advance.

But the risk is not higher, that the viewers are disappointed, if you know the template? This could happen to you, said Büdenhölzer, even if you’ve read a classic like “fist” and then the staging of a radical Director artist see. “Disappointment can take place in any direction.” It could also be a broadening of horizons.

Kate Winslet in any case, you will continue to see in the movies. In Interviews with the BBC and the “Telegraph” told you a few years ago, that she was not ready to miss an evening with your children. That’s why the stage don’t fit with the tough working hours currently, yet to your life. For this, she has shown that not only are movies in theatre land, but that it can be done differently. Winslet starred in “God Of carnage” – the Film is based on a play, the author, Yasmina Reza.