another end of the world is possible. Live the collapse (not just survive), Pablo Servigne, Raphaël Stevens and Gauthier Chapel, Threshold, ” the Anthropocene “, 332 p., 19 €.

Collapse is the French title of the book by the geographer and american biologist Jared Diamond (Gallimard, 2006). This test marking is studying how to die, and civilization. At the heart of its concerns : the risk of an approaching end of the industrial world in global. Since then, the possibility of implosion has become, for some, the certainty of a revelation close. The agony would be so commenced, the inevitable end, and death at our door. There is no need even to sound the alarm : the end of the world would be so obvious that the real issue is not to escape from it. The essential thing would be to make bonnefigure.

The explosion being inevitable, the efforts to avoid ridiculous and futile, we are exempt from tensions, free from the fights, available for cross calmly with the time that remains. Two agronomists, Pablo Servigne and Gauthier Chapel, and a ” écoconseiller “, Raphaël Stevens, the experts in “collapsologie” go even further. The authors of How it all may collapse (Threshold, 2015), widely read and continues to be, the three experts-colleagues are now exploring a register again, baptized ” collapsosophie “.

Arguments very curious and very questionable

This wisdom for a world on the brink of the abyss consists, grosso modo, to keep this speech : aware that we will not avoid the worst, of the amount of horrors and convulsions will smash soon on the planet, growing in us the compassion, the altruism, the presence in the world and the spirituality… Arguments employed and advice are both very curious and very questionable, sometimes touching, sometimes irritating. In fact, the reaction of each player will depend on his place…