championship leader Lewis Hamilton starts from pole position in the Grand Prix of the United States. The Mercedes driver secured in the Qualifying in Austin (Texas) its a total of 81. Pole position. Sebastian Vettel landed in the Ferrari close behind Hamilton in second place, is put in the starting lineup, but three courts criminal.

“it was pretty tight,” said Hamilton: “I was just that little bit better, I needed that.” Vettel, who was only 0,061 seconds slower than Hamilton, said: “It is a pity when it is so scarce. But I am glad that we have found in the Dry our Pace.”

Vettel, who was on Friday in Training under the red flag quickly on the go, tried everything – but Hamilton was the decisive Moment, again nothing. Vettel resented the powerful, the radio was censored by the world Director. It’s just a Beeping was heard. Prior to Vettel on Sunday in Texas (20.10 PM EDT; TV: RTL Raikkonen, live Ticker SPIEGEL Online) even his team mate Kimi, Valtteri Bottasim the second silver arrow and the Red Bull man Daniel ricciardo will start.

In Austin is Hamilton almost unbeatable

Hamilton could be on Sunday for the fifth Time world champion. The defending Champions after six Wins from the last seven races with a 67-point lead in the Grand Prix of the USA. The 33-Year-old, eight points more than Vettel, take the world Cup. And in Austin Hamilton is almost unbeatable: he celebrated four victories in the series.

With his fifth title would ascend to Hamilton in an elite circle of riders and with the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio. A “crazy” idea, said Hamilton: “Fangio has always been like a godfather for us racers.” Soon, only a Hamilton – Michael Schumacher.

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