At first glance, the Ford Mustang is nothing Special. A Mustang in a smart British Racing Green. Nothing that wouldn’t get a gifted painter. But wait, there’s the crosshair on the trunk emblem with the word “Bullitt” in it and the front of the grille, the galloping missing horse.

Bullitt Mustang was a legend

by now, every cinephile realizes that it is a very special Version of the American athlete. Reminiscent of the cinema classic, “Bullitt” 1968 with Steve McQueen in the main role, in which the COP Frank Bullitt Gangster in a breathtaking Chase through San Francisco is rushing. A new revival is not the back: in 2001 and 2008, Ford has built a special edition. press-inform / Ford The Ford Mustang Bullitt has adaptive dampers

And Yes, we are still of the opinion that the “King of Cool” Steve McQueen would have had his fun with the third reissue of the classic Muscle Cars. This is due to the 19-inch tires, the black tailpipes and the improvements and the Details of the green Mustang. Automatic? Forget it. The Bullitt Mustang is switched by Hand, as it should be. Convertible? I beg of you! What Are The Colors? The question is not, however, meant quite seriously. Green and nothing else. Sink or swim is the motto.

FOCUS Online four-cylinder? Soft eggs! Ford Mustang with a V8 in the Test, More air for 460 HP

there are at least 52,000 euros a sports car that has it. And that not only in a figurative sense. Because under the hood, the Ford engineers have made the Bullitt with Parts of the even sportier brother, the 350 GT sharp: A larger air filter and intake manifold were installed. This brings an increase in the 7 kW / ten horsepower to 338 kW / 460 HP and a maximum torque of 529 nm. This sounds negligible, but the chief engineer Matthias Tonn swears by it, that an improved elasticity in the speed range between 40 and 120 km/h are a consequence of the tuning measures. Concrete Numbers, there are none. press-inform / Ford, The gorgeous-sounding eight-cylinder 338 kW / 460 HP

so just Know this: it fails to address forced, rushes to the Bullitt in the second gear loose up to 120 km/h without ever letting up, but even in third gear the Ford is in this speed range and, in addition, no nakedness. Accompanied by the magnificent baritone of a fine eight-cylinder engine, the rotary cheer numbers high until the unit throws at 7.500 Rev/min the armature. Where others make the turbo craze Subject, the Mustang Bullitt true to its roots. Livestock man of The Ford Mustang from the movie “Bullitt” to the right) remained as a vintage car – now there is a new edition in the famous Look of the movie cars

Sound-hurricane with Flaps-exhaust

Steve McQueen would appreciate with his famous ironic Smile. To open the Flaps in the Track mode, such a voluminous sound pours carpet over the environment, that the heads swirling around in every street cafe. The six-speed gearbox with the casual white billiard ball shift knob allows for precise switching. Some would wish for a bit more crisp. The driving level change so much pleasure that it is actually a pity, as switching lazy the Bullitt from moving. After 4.6 seconds on a country road is reached the tempo and the sharp projectile stop until 263 km/h to fly. The fuel consumption of Ford with 12.4 litres, with a moderate driving style, it is 13.5, it went something sporty to the point, showed the on-Board computer is 15.4 liters per 100 km.

Track mode, the rear prance

The steering is precise; but it could be, especially in the Sport plus direct. When you Whirl through the curves, the weight of the powerful five-liter unit helps on the front axle to the turn-in, but in fast tight corners, it is also out maneuver a factor and pushes the front of the car slightly to the outside. However, the casual Mustang remains for a long time neutral, and with a crazy joy by a long-drawn-out curves, circles. In the Track mode, the ESP adopted from the event, and the tail swings hard on the dance floor, but never cocky. This has definitely addictive, just like the already mentioned engine sound. The Mustang Bullitt has adaptive damper, is designed, in principle, is rather taut. press-inform / Ford The Bullitt Emblem with the cross hairs is omnipresent

The Launch Control to satisfy the game engine at the traffic light take-offs, but the tire rubber. With so much fun and the reasonable price, you overlook the hard plastic in the Cockpit, not always, without a doubt, excellent processing and habituation needy virtual instruments that can kill, such as kryptonite (the stone, the Superman) poison green Shine.

In Germany almost sold out

The graphical appearance of the infotainment reaches the level of the German competition, but the Bullitt one is looking anyway, just on the road and looking forward to the next curve. Who else wants one, should hurry. The Ford Mustang Bullitt is only produced in limited numbers, and Germany’s quota is already sold out for a good part of it.

Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 engine V8-gasoline engine displacement (cm3) 5038 power in PS (KW) bei U/min-1 460 (338) at 7250 Max. Torque (Nm) bei Umin-1 529 Nm at 4600 U/min Maximum
speed (km/h) 263 acceleration 0-100 km/h (sec.) The 4.6 gearbox 6 speed manual drive rear-wheel drive type of Fuel Super fuel consumption-EU-Drittelmix (l/100 km) of 12.4 CO2 emissions (g/km) 227 length (mm) 4789 width (mm) 1196 height (mm) 1382 weight, manufacturer-
(kg) 1818 max. Payload (kg) 277 price (EUR) 52.000,00 € Euro 6 emissions standard d temp