Michael Schumacher’s family has a day before the 50. Birthday of the formula 1-record world champion is advertised to be understanding for the lack of public information about his state of health. “You can be sure that he is in the best hands and we will do everything possible to help him,” – said in a Facebook message. “Please understand, if we follow your choice to Michaels and a subject as sensitive as health, so as before, in the privacy of leave.”

Statement from Michael’s family: “We are delighted and want to us from the bottom of my heart thank you…

Posted by Michael Schumacher on Tuesday, may 1. January 2019

Michael Schumacher celebrates his 50. Birthday

On Thursday, the Kerpen is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Birthday. “We are delighted and want us to whole-heartedly thank you for your Michaels 50. Birthday morning together with him, and with us celebrating”, – stated in the message of the family.

Schumacher drove from 1996 to 2006, Ferrari was a legend of formula 1. In the case of an accident on 29. December 2013 in the ski resort, close to the Méribel, France suffered the Kerpen a heavy skull-brain Trauma, although he was wearing a helmet. Since September 2014, he is recovering at his Swiss home in Gland on lake Geneva from the time of the accident. Information on the state of Schumacher’s.

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