The news burst like a bomb in the pre-Christmas harmony: Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron. The two stars announced on their respective Facebook profiles in the social networks. Many Fans were shocked and expressed their disappointment. “I’m honest, The message hit me deeply. You were for me to write a Couple that has mastered all of the UPS and Downs,” about a follower. Another comment was: “I’m very sorry for you, but for these words you have earned my highest respect.”

grief, compassion, and sadness were the prevailing emotions. By contrast, the reaction of Sophia Thomalla. The took the whole discussion very seriously, and wrote: “at last you’re free for me.” In addition, she posted a red heart.

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That Fischer had already admitted to re-Dating – a fact which made their many Fans at the allegations, ignored the presenter usually.

Sophia Thomalla promises to be a Tattoo of Helene Fischer

you and Helene Fischer has a long history. In January, the 29 had shocked-Year-old your Instagram subscribers with a Posting in which you wrote: “If this to 100,000 Likes gets, and I will prick me a Tattoo of Justin Bieber. 200,000 Helene Fischer. 500,000 Helene and Florian.”

in fact, the picture received around 320,000 Likes. Actually, betting debts of honor are debts. However, Thomalla has not redeemed its promise until today. Should Wait have been her Plan, until she gets to 500,000 Likes, so you can bury this Plan now: A Tattoo of Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron should not come into question. A picture of Sophia and Helene – your Fans would be so happy! Maybe wanted to bring Thomalla with her naughty spell.