The Formula 1 continues to sell, especially that of yesteryear. This is what proves that an online platform, Catawiki, specializing in the ” sales exception “. She comes to propose to the buyers of the world a collection of more than 250 objects from the world of F1 where the total value is estimated at 1 million euros. In particular, there is a combinations of Benetton worn by Michael Schumacher in 1995, another that belonged to his brother (Ralf Schumacher) in Jordan, or helmet, Damon Hill or Gerhard Berger.

The list of objects, which can be found for free on the Internet, is also made up of many hats, photos, or even t-shirts signed, including the starting price of some is at only 10 euros. One object, however, exceeds 46 000 euros on Wednesday morning : a helmet of Ayrton Senna. In good condition, it had been worn by the brazilian driver in 1985, during the Grand Prix of the netherlands. At the wheel of his Lotus-Renault, Ayrton Senna had done that day on the podium, behind Niki Lauda (1), and the French Alain Prost (2nd). According to an expert of Catawiki, the headphones ‘ultra-rare” would have been ” used in other races since the visor still has the marks of gravel on top “. It should reach 150 000 euros before finding a buyer at the end of the sale, which ends next Sunday.

The cult of Senna still present

The helmet of Senna made a part of these objects rare and iconic dream of many F1 fans. Among them, there was a certain Lewis Hamilton. In June 2017, at the Grand Prix of Canada, the family of Ayrton Senna had offered him one of his helmets to congratulate the 65th pole position of his career (which was the equal of Senna). The taking of the title had struggled to conceal his emotion. With tears in their eyes, the British explained : “My dream, the greatest is achieved. Thank you to the family of Ayrton Senna to this incredible gift. The helmet of my heroes, I will treasure for always. “

The cult dedicated to Ayrton Senna, who tragically disappeared after a sad Sunday of may, 1994 at the Grand Prix of San Marino, is always also sharp in the paddock and among the fans. “It is one of the last heroes of the discipline, his personality, his mystical side and his driving,” explains the Point Jean-Louis Moncet, who covers the F1 as a journalist since 1979. “Now, there is more idol in F1 : the drivers arrive very young, they do not have the charism of their elders and the races are unmarked (21 GP this season compared to 16 in 1991 when the last title to Senna). “

Then, the myth of Senna continues. Unable to attend a race weekend without seeing a flag or a t-shirt bearing his likeness. At the Grand Prix of Interlagos – of which the next edition will take place in November next –, the Brazilians are passionate about as much for the F1 than for the sacrosanct football, with the shadow of ” god ” Senna, which continues to hover above the circuit. The triple world champion has given its name to a motorway, to schools and many children in the country. In France alone, five books have been dedicated to Ayrton Senna in recent years. What to make a selling price very high for the helmet to be auctioned by Catawaki.