4 out of 5 points no more exciting case, and a strong acting performance by Claudia Michelsen as a Commissioner Doreen brasch what’s it about?

In an abandoned backyard, two girls find the body of the physician assistant Kim Pohlmann. She’s pretty banged up, and the legs tied. In your investigations, chief inspector Doreen Brasch (Claudia Michelsen) and her colleague, Dirk Köhler (Matthias Matschke) encounter a similar case: seven years Ago, the prostitute Jessica Paschke was murdered, the culprit is not found till today. Have the officials with a serial killer? Brasch and Köhler, ask the florist Pauline Schilling, who was suspected to have Paschke murdered, but was set free. Schilling lived at that time still under the name of Paul as a man and has undergone, in the meantime, a gender reassignment. But Pohl’s Ex-friend Jan Freise device to the attention of the commissioners.


Alessija Lause as a Transgender Pauline Schilling

©Stefan Erhard/MDR Why is this “Polizeiruf 110”?

“Ten roses” is the title of the “Polizeiruf 110″episode from Magdeburg, and in fact appears just such a bouquet again and again in the Film. Around an exciting cat-and-mouse unfolds, the game until the end, the question remains open of who the perpetrator is. The Showdown is dramatic. Strong especially the female characters: Claudia Michelsen played as a Commissioner Brasch and Alessija Lause, who embodies the Transgender role of Paul / Pauline shilling credible.

What bothers?

That the culprit is not revealed until in the last minutes of the film, makes the case on the one hand, exciting. On the other hand, too little time to explain his motives or motivations in more detail. The audience for a long time been on the wrong track, and suddenly the killer as Kai comes out of the box.

The commissioners?

is It over long distances, a Solo-presentation by Commissioner Brasch (Claudia Michelsen), taking risks, and against the service rules to the murders of Pohlmann and Paschke to inform. Her affair with police psychologist Niklas Wilke (Steven Scharf) uses them for it. . It alone makes sense: After all, you want to determine perspective alone. Your colleague You Köhler acknowledged in the next “Polizeiruf 110” (broadcast at the beginning of July) after some three years of the service. Brasch, thus becomes the second Partner: Jochen Drexler (Sylvester Groth), rose in only five cases.

on or Off?

It is a strong “Polizeiruf 110″episode from Magdeburg. You should not miss.