The German farmers ‘ Association criticised, as between the Federal government and the länder decided in drought aid for farmers will be implemented. “The procedure allows for a quick and effective drought assistance,” said Association chief Joachim Rukwied. It pushed the farmers and takes to long.

The President of the country, farmers associations therefore demand of the Federation and the länder, to facilitate the utility. “If the Establishments concerned should be helped, what is urgently needed, must be designed to the specifications differently,” said Rukwied.

The farmers in Germany had to be retracted due to low rainfall and high temperatures, the worst harvest in years. In August, Minister of agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU), had asked for up to € 170 million drought-assistance of the waistband in view. The other half of the total amount shall bear to the countries. A total of 340 million euros, to be distributed to farmers.

drought assistance there are, however, only if the crop yield on arable land and grassland is in operation, an average of over 30 percent lower than the average of the past three years. There is only money, if operating without a drought would not be threatened existence. In addition, many other criteria have to be met. “We fear that some bureaucratic obstacles exclude many of the farms affected by the aid measure”, said Rukwied.