Nearly 50 wealthy people have paid tons of money so their children can be accommodated in spite of mediocre grades at the best universities in the United States. This scandal is currently in Hollywood. Because the defendants also “Desperate Housewives”Star Felicity Huffman and “Full House”actress Lori Loughlin. For The President’s Son Donald Trump Jr. a godsend. Finally, the Trump family has railed against famous Stars.

Donald Trump Jr. about Uni-scandal funny

Trump Jr. fumbled last Tuesday, an old Tweet of Loughlin out. “There are more important things than money”, had written the actress at the time. To do”, for example, the Right thing to do. After that, you should live.” Trump Jr. shared the post and wrote, ironically, “Hollywood”.


Donald Trump Jr. power to Twitter about Hollywood and the Elite-University-scandal-funny

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“Is it just me or are all of them in Hollywood today, it’s too quiet?”, he then asked her. “Come on, guys, you’re usually so loud, and if you want your opinions to impose on others. What is different now?”

your daughter should be taken to an Elite University

bribery scandal: “Desperate Housewives”Star Felicity Huffman fixed

The answer followed immediately,

The reactions to Trump Jrs. ironic Tweets were not long in coming. “How about this: You post your School and SAT results, and proves that you it is only thanks to the good services according to Wharton (Anm. d. Red. one of the Elite universities in the USA) did. You’re in?”, Franklin Leonard replied. The SAT examinations are mandatory for all High School students. The better the results, the greater the Chance to be at an Elite Uni, have been accepted.

“Hey, Hey, Donald Trump Jr., publish your notes and SATELLITE-results and prove to us that you did it at the Uni, without your Daddy had to do exactly what you’re doing now is fun. Then prove it for Daddy. And Ivanka. And Eric,” commented a user and added your post with the Hashtag “Hypocrite” (“hypocrites”).

replied to An author of the policy of the son: “Who are you to say that. What is with the Reality Star, whose son is so stupid that he had to pay, so he may to College.” An allusion to the fact that the President of Donald Trump’s self in Reality TV and, thus, also part of Hollywood.