IKK-Classic-Board of management Kai Swoboda has criticised the schedule for the upcoming digital patient file. The statutory health insurance funds to introduce up to 2021. “Our health care system lags behind in terms of digitisation of other industries, and many international models so far,” said Swoboda in an interview with Welt AM Sonntag. Him a piece missing, far out of patience for the joint project. Therefore, the IKK-Classic have started with other funds the in-house files App Vivy.

Swoboda is hoping that the digital records in particular to improvements for patients. “If Doctors and Insured share this data with each other, benefit from it, especially the patients. You avoid double examinations, medications to avoid incompatibilities, to be dealt with by better-informed Physicians.“

Vivy in the medium term should also be opened for Insured persons of other funds. Vivy-founder Christian Rebernik said “Welt AM Sonntag”: “We do not want to make the App all Insured patients – in the future, for a monthly fee, if the cash holds out.”