After 16 years concert break in Germany Dieter Bohlen on December 31. August live with the Band in Berlin. The idea to give a large Open-Air concert, had him brought to his Instagram Followers, said the 65-year-old music producer and composer on Tuesday, according to message of the organizer. Bohlen wants to sing the Hits of Modern Talking in the 1980s, but without his former Partner Thomas Anders.

fear of criticism of the Jury-head of the RTL-Show “Germany sucht den Superstar” (DSDS). He is getting almost every day requests for cover versions and commercials with Modern Talking Songs, said Planks of the “image”newspaper had first reported about the Comeback.

by his Fans as a Pop Titan ladies entertainers will occur in the Spandau citadel. In the Renaissance fortress 000 spectators according to the Homepage, up to 10, if no chairs are set up.

The lower Saxony Tötensen live music producer has discovered in the past year, the social media, he now has a Million Followers on Instagram. There, he also posted a Video of the planned concert. “You all wanted,” says Bohlen in it, grinning in front of a wall with gold and platinum records. “God will send us a cozy warm evening, I talk to him!”

the Screed also promised Songs from his project, Blue System, many American idol Hits, as well as the ballad “Midnight Lady”, which he wrote in 1986 for Chris Norman. According to the organiser, Concert Concept managed Modern Talking is the only music group, with five titles in a row at # 1 on the Single-landing Charts. Until the final separation in 2003, the Pop Duo (“You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul-selling”), more than 120 million records, and the headlines it made but also by its ongoing squabbles.

In Russia, on joined Planks, in the past few years, multiple solo, also on this Thursday (14. March) a concert in Moscow. 31. August was the only large Open Air in Germany, said the 65-Year-old.