A noise at the end of the Party for the district, expensive trips, and real estate purchases: The Miesbacher savings Bank affair to generous sponsorship had come almost five years to light – now the court of Munich II, the process begins before the country. The former Miesbach CSU Landrat Jakob Kreidl, the former Chairman of the Board of the kreissparkasse Miesbach-Tegernsee, Georg Bromme, and two other defendants must be from the 24. October in front of the chamber of Commerce met to answer because of infidelity. The procedure is scheduled to run for 21 days, initially to 30. January.

Originally, the charges against the seven men was. In two cases the charges were withdrawn but in the meantime, in one case, she was hired as a court spokesman said. The process was first reported in the “Münchner Merkur”, the court confirmed the appointment.

In the affair, it comes to several suspected cases of infidelity in the years 2008 to 2013. The investigation included, according to previous information, about a dozen Complex, with a volume amounting to millions. The accused is alleged to have real estate purchases, sponsored excursions of local politicians and expensive renovations of administrative Offices, their duties are injured.

at the beginning of 2015, there had been a RAID in 27 apartments and business premises. Including also the private homes Kreidls and Brommes were side rooms of the savings Bank.

a stay in the luxury hotel, which was provided and paid

For headlines, especially the generous injection of money for a sumptuous Feast to Kreidls 60. Birthday in August 2012. The Party hit with almost 120,000 euros – the lion’s share of the County savings Bank paid. The “süddeutsche Zeitung”, according to the Board of Directors, whose Chairman was Kreidl made, on the occasion of its annual meeting in December 2011 about a trip in a Five-star Hotel in the Stubai valley, with costs, in five-digit height.

Bromme should also have a Alm in Bayrischzell bought, supposedly as a favor to the community, their clammy Treasury. The hut is now being sold again, so that the damage could be compensated for the savings Bank.

Bromme was also the perpetual right of use for a room, the psallier choir, in the former monastery Church in Tegernsee. Reportedly he wanted the space, most recently as a private library used as a meeting room – but that was not allowed. It escape were missing paths. The books are now sold, to at least a portion of the money to recoup.

What will come of all of these cases, the prosecution and the court have a role to play, is not yet known. The investigation included, according to previous information, twelve Complex with a volume of more than one Million euros.

The savings Bank would not comment to the procedure. Bromme is now retired. The 66-year-old Kreidl was up 2014 district administrator and had been voted out of office in the Wake of the affair, and had to take his hat as head of the Bavarian district of day. Kreidl was also because of his but knew the title of doctor and a private Schwarzbaus in the criticism. In addition, the CSU was involved-politicians, as a member of the Landtag in the related affair.

Kreidls successor is also

accused Originally charges against 20 Accused, including current and former members of the management Board and of the Board of Directors of the kreissparkasse. The case files included thousands of pages. In some cases, there were Criminal orders. In addition, procedures were set in part against money circulation.

Nevertheless, there may be a second process. The public Prosecutor’s office Munich II, has written two separate indictments against alleged main perpetrator, as well as six other, less heavily loaded Accused. For this is no court date is known. Among the circle of Kreidls successor as Governor, Wolfgang Rzehak (Green). But whether against it will be negotiated, is currently open.