“Trash all the Glam” is electronic, artistic and completely different than the actual Pop-ballads that we know from Conchita. The Austrian artist Tom Neuwirth, 30, won five years ago with his art figure Conchita Wurst at the Eurovision Song Contest, burying of the now and makes her “sausage”.

“sausage” is masculine, harder and dispense with “Glam”. The new art figure, so to speak, is exactly the opposite of the old. On his Instagram profile, Tom Neuwirth, has already announced that he was planning something New. At his last public appearances at the Vienna Opera ball or the Grazer Tuntenball the 30-Year-old very masculine, muscular and bald.

New music video of “sausage”

In the music video for “Trash all the Glam” you can see a man in a black full-body Latex suit and with modern dance movements to the music. The music sounds electronic, modern and creative. Also Conchita’s Fans find, on Youtube, there are enthusiastic comments. Was filmed the Video at a subway Station in Vienna.