Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz has a great fear of Artificial intelligence (AI). “I’m scared shitless,” confessed the 62-year-old Austrian in the Munich “tz”. “AI could be used for the Benefit of mankind, but as long as people have to do with it, it will not be deployed.”

According to dark Waltz is looking to the future. The earth will survive – “if humanity survives, however, is a different question. I doubt it.” The Vienna-born Hollywood actor, is currently the Creator of a battle to see Cyborgs in “Alita: Battle Angel”.

nevertheless, it may help if everyone contributes, for example, to environmental protection, – said Waltz. “If an Individual recycles a battery, then this is nothing. But if six billion people do it, it could be the difference for 20 more years to Survive.” to surrender

Prior to the problems, not to admits the actor personally. “No Theater.”, his Motto, as he said, the “abendzeitung München”. “Even if you feel just bad: You can still do.” Waltz’ Credo: The “sniveling testing of one’s own mental state is due to a Zeitgeist that is also gone with the wind”.