Pietro Lombardi celebrates Christmas with his son Alessio

©Markus Wissmann/Shutterstock.com

Lombardi’s make this year, how to celebrate quite harmonious, in spite of separation Christmas. Like Pietro Lombardi (26, “Phenomenal”), the “image”newspaper has betrayed, he is going to spend the Feast of his son Alessio, for the sake of his wife Sarah Lombardi (26, “Back to me”). Their new friend Roberto will also be present.

“We stick together”

the main thing is for the singer, however, is that he can spend Christmas with his son. “I’m with Alessio in Sarah’s family, we stick together,” said Pietro Lombardi. “If one begets a child together, then you should be together for the child and those days spend together.”

Under the Christmas tree is a peaceful harmony. “The friend of Sarah’s, but that doesn’t bother me, I’m here for my son,” said the 26-Year-old. “I have nothing New against Sarah’s, the are peaceful Christmas”.