The actress Christiane Paul (44) sees in the Streaming services a win for your Guild.

“The whole market is globalising, we are actors, but also German Directors work a lot more often in international shows,” said the Emmy-winning actress (“Under the Radar”), the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” on Saturday.

The Streaming services put a lot of creativity. “You can’t do much absurdere things that would be on public television. Screenwriters, Directors and actors can now show what you can and that you keep well with the world.”

As the beginning of the end of public television, the actress does not see the rise of the Streaming services, however: “In no case. We can be glad that we have such a television, as we have it. With all the creativity and energy that are set by the Streaming services are free, I want to sing no Swan song for public television. On the contrary – we need it more than ever.”