Christian Huber, author of “7 pounds in 3 days”, a Bestseller on Christmas eve in a typical German family, advises on Christmas eve Humor.

“You should sit as far as possible – and this clash of family, total Contemplation and feast on the effect of such a long Loriot-movie.”

Huber (34), the works for Jan böhm’s “Neo magazine Royale” and “poker beats” on Twitter, has written this year, a second book on the topic of Over-Christmas-to-home-To. It’s called “All the others can pack it in”.

in it, he continues the story of a childless Mittdreißigers who lives in Cologne, but runs over the holidays with his parents in Bavaria, and there, among other things, to his brother, the grandfather, and Known from Childhood.

The famous Sketch-a result of Loriot, “Christmas at the hoppenstedt’s”, with the whiny grandpa (“in the past, there was more Tinsel!”) and Dickis Christmas poem (“Zicke Zacke chicken shit”), is also this year again on Christmas eve on German TV. The First shows the classic noon to 13.30.

in addition, Christmas at the hoppenstedt’s “” at NDR television (18.05 hrs and 23.40 hrs), as well as the SWR (22.30) and WDR (23.15) in the program.

(Christian poker beats Huber: “All the others can pack it in – home for Christmas”, Park street press, paperback, 192 PP., 10 Euro, ISBN: 978-3-499-63419-2)