The Oscar-winner Christian Bale knows that he demanded his body for his roles a lot. “He yells, quite loudly. You’re going to die soon if you continue like this,” said the 45-Year-old on Monday at the presentation of the political satire of “Vice” at the Berlinale.

Bale played so tongue-in-cheek on the skillful transformation in the former US Vice-President Dick Cheney, the Briton is in the movie. For the role of Bale’s ex gained quite a few kilos and now again.

In the role, he said he felt sometimes like a Bulldozer, “as a non-aufzuhalt the end of force of Nature”. Bale called Cheney, the Vice-President under former US President George W. Bush was as a “man of infinite contradictions.” To Compare with the current US President, Donald Trump, Bale said, that there are significant differences between the two. So Cheney have always known that true Power is behind the Scenes and in silence.

With his appearance Bale (“Batman”) on Monday, some of Hollywood glamour at the Berlin film festival. His Film runs out of competition in competition and to celebrate in the evening Germany Premiere at Potsdamer Platz. “Vice” has brought in Bale, already a Golden Globe and is in the race to the Oscars with eight nominations.

when asked, he was covered: “It is a nice feeling.” He was very grateful. The current film award season is in his words, a “celebration of cinema” – and he added: “I am so proud of this Film.”