methodological errors ” gross “, ” unworthy “, margins of confidence ” grotesque “… The World was subjected to three biostatisticians in the report published on Thursday 4 October by the agency of health security public Health of France (SpF), in answer to a number of suspect child born without an arm or without a hand in the centre of Ain : the three scientists, two of whom have asked the World to guarantee their anonymity, make critical assassins against the reassuring report of the agency.

Three reports have been made simultaneously by SpF on suspicion of an excess of cases of malformations in geographical areas that are restricted. Two of them, which relate to the Brittany and Loire-Atlantique, conclude that the number of cases is significantly increased compared to the standard – without a cause is identified.

On the other hand, the report on the situation in the Ain precludes any statistical anomaly. But, on the contrary of the other two and in violation of the uses of scientific expertise, it has not been signed by its authors. Being questioned by The World, the SpF has in a first time explained that their names did not appear in the report because of an oversight, and then in a second time that the author was… SpF.

Controversy for the past two years

According to the SpF, the accumulation, between 2009 and 2014, seven cases of defects – so-called “agenesis transverse of the upper limbs” (ATMS) – in a rural area of the Ain with a radius of 17 km, is not unusual.

A judgment in frontal opposition with that of the register of malformations in the Rhone-Alps (Remera), the organization of the health alert on the situation in the Ain. According to the Remera, who suspected environmental contamination, the number of cases of ATMS observed in the area is more than fifty times higher than what is normally expected.