for some time, the User discuss on Charlotte Würdigs Instagram Account: she underwent a Beauty procedure? Especially under a picture of the 40-Year-old an awful lot of comments to read, which announced that the presenter look different than in the past.

“Little too much Botox, or is it?!”, about a User, asks for another writes: “What happened to your natural cute face?“ A Fan is directed at the wife of Rapper Sido directly: “Sorry, but I don’t immediately catches the eye, that there is somehow something wrong. Not just looks, of course. And you’re in reality, really is not an ugly woman. Rather on the contrary.”

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Little beauty tip shortly before new year’s eve from me to you: @apricot beauty health care has a smoothing silicon pads for all parts of the body, we can’t get really with sports smooth and taut… 😉And the best part, we can use it, by the way, again and again, up to 30 times😆 (see Story) #apricot beauty #silicone care #vegan cosmetics #made in Germany #anti-wrinkle #merry Christmas #advertising

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Charlotte Worthy is engaged to Interview


Charlotte Worthy about body shaming: “This ‘criticism’ is a confirmation that I wish to”

Ilona Kriesl

Long had not spoken, Charlotte is Worthy of the speculation. In an Interview with “RTL Exclusiv“ explains to you now: “Yeah, I got something done and I don’t mean only with water and soap in the face.“ You’ve have your wrinkles with hyaluronic acid filling. The excitement of your new Look you do not understand: “Yes, I have optimized my face. Wow, and now? I think it is high time that we talk all the time about it.” On Instagram she posted the picture with the words “Be real, be unique, be true, be honest, be humble, be happy, be you.” Also Kader Loth had taken Charlotte Worthy to the discussions in protection: “Today, the topic of beauty is-OPs and Botox is something absolutely Normal.”

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Be real, be unique, be true, be HONEST, be humble, be happy, BE YOU 💪🏻 beautiful Sunday evening to you height 💚🧡 styling: @saschagaugel @Kalle hildinger Makeup @apjarblack

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Under your photos on Instagram, your strengths, some of the Fans after the honest Interview in the back: “Hello Charlotte, I saw your Interview and don’t understand the uprising, and … The result is super. Am fully behind you. There are so many ways for a long vital, to remain youthful and attractive, why should we not use that?” Another User writes: “Others are operated mega and deny to have done something, and if you feel more comfortable, then let her go, you only live once and the best way you want to!!!”

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