Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus have surprisingly married

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In the relationship of Miley Cyrus (26, “Malibu”) and Liam Hemsworth (28, “The hunger games”), there were so many UPS and Downs. Their wedding last Sunday, but clearly the Shine hours. Unexpectedly, the two year long relationship were implied separation phase is to tie the knot. Not only the Fans of the dream pair are very excited. Also the one or other celebrity can’t hide his enthusiasm about the wedding.

above All, Nicholas Sparks (52). The best-selling author, is world-renowned for his love of novels known, has contributed in some way to the Cyrus-Hemsworth-love story. In 2009, the two actors met on the set of “With you at my side” (original title: “The Last Song”) know and love – based on the novel of the 52-Year-old. “That makes me so happy,” commented Sparks the wedding photos of the two newlyweds and wishes them all the best.

family and friends congratulate

At the Celebration in the domestic property in Tennessee, including friends and family of the bride and groom were of course not be missing. Although Cryrus’ sister Brandi Cyrus (31) is supposed to be at the ceremony site, she expresses her joy about the young link once again via Instagram. The wedding photos, on which the singer your loved one is in the arms, she commented with the words: “This has been a long time coming. I’m so happy for you and I love you both”, followed by several small hearts.

actress Rebel Wilson (38, “Pitch Perfect”), the stand this year, together with Hemsworth for the movie “Isn’t it romantic” in front of the camera, seems to make the surprising wedding also a little speechless. She sat under the Black-and-White photos of the happy couple several pink hearts that said Cyrus, prompt with a big red heart.

What lasts long, becomes finally good – Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth seem to be the best example. In 2012, the actor of the today, 26-Year-olds the question of all questions, but in 2013 they finally divorced – without a wedding. That it has worked with the two some years later, but then again, also pleased by actress Juliette Lewis (45, “Schöne bescherung”). “I’m so happy for you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. This really touched me,” commented the wedding pictures.

A real Fan-Boy

Similarly enthusiastic as Lewis, Paul Butcher (24). The former “Zoey 101″Star congratulates the couple twice. While he writes under the wedding pictures, among other things, that he is not so Star-is usually fascinated, Cyrus and Hemsworth had always been his “absolute favourite”, he in his Instagram Story once more personal words to the two. “Congratulations, Miley and Liam’s wedding. Words are not enough to tell you how happy that makes me. Thank you for showing the world what true love is,” it says.

And also German celebrities seems to be the wedding at the end of the year, not without a trace. Both Lilly Becker (42), as well as “GNTM”contestant, Yvonne Schröder (30) and Cathy Hummels (30) have provided the snapshots with a Like.