Stefanie Giesinger, and Marcus Butler are very intimate on Instagram


For two years, Stefanie Giesinger (22) with the British Youtubers Marcus Butler (27) is happy in a relationship. Again and again, the German Model post since a couple of the photos on your Instagram Account and let your Fans on your private life. The turn of the year, the Couple spends together in Thailand. From there posted Giesinger also a very private Selfie that shows quite familiar with friend Marcus.

Butler has been placed on the snap-shot of his head on Giesinger chest and smiles with eyes closed in love with the camera. The 22-Year-old holds her friend close and leans in for a kiss to the front. So far not unusual, however, Giesinger seems on the photo to be Topless. In the case of Fans, the photo comes across different resonance. Some Followers find the Couple in love sweetly, others from too much public intimacy. Giesinger, it does not seem to bother, she writes under the image of “Marcus the Giraffe” and thus plays on the elongated neck of your friend.