Dwayne Johnson hugging, smiling, his aunt, Dorothy


Dwayne Johnson (46, “Baywatch”), also known as “The Rock”, shows his soft core. On his latest Instagram Post, he embraced lovingly by his aunt Dorothy (88): Both of them grin into the camera. The 1.96 m big Johnson had to go for the photo in the knee, while his aunt stood on the tips of the toes. Nevertheless, it is a good bit smaller than the actor, whose Arm is almost as wide as his petite aunt.

Johnson tells us in his commentary that he was looking forward to the time with his family, and that such moments are “good for the soul”. He need now is a place where everything runs a bit slower, since his life at the Moment, “would you be so crazy as never before”. So hard “The Rock” in his movie appearance roles, in private, he shows with this Post is also a gentle side.