she is a true Prodigy, was already at kindergarten age in front of the camera, played in the early years of great roles and directing.

The canadian Sarah Polley, who is a long time as a political activist on the road, playing in a own League. Today in 1979, the Toronto-born exception celebrates Actress 40. Birthday.

Sarah Polley comes from a widely branched family of actors, producers, film people and writers. With her step-father, Michael Polley, she was already in 1988 in Terry Gilliam’s “The adventures of Baron Munchausen” in front of the camera. Her first big role in Sarah Polley got in Atom Egoyans large, for two-time-Oscar-nominated Drama “The sweet Hereafter” (1997). It remained the Independent Directors faithfully, was shooting for a Michael Winterbottom, or the Spanish author, filmmaker Isabel Coixet. With her, she directed two outstanding films, the Drama “My life without me” (2003), and two years later, at the side of Tim Robbins, the rig-Drama “the secret life of words”. In the same year, Polley starred in Wim Wenders’ Neo-Western “Don’t Come Knockin'”.

These were often highly dramatic, tragic movies. Sarah Polley also has a other side, showed you are terrific in their multiple award-winning documentary “Stories We Tell”. In this material, often very amusing Research, Polley delves deep into the history of your own family of origin – a real adventure and a gem of documentary cinema.