Take That have it still. At the Bambi Gala at the end of last year in Berlin, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and Mark Owen, the surprise guests. And as the Opening Act, you were at the award ceremony for a great mood.

it is hard To believe that the former boy band is celebrating this year its 30th anniversary. While Jason Orange and Robbie Williams are no longer there, also there was a ten-year Break in the Band’s history, but that’s the joy, not detract.

As a Trio, Take That also worked out well, – said Barlow in an Interview with the German press Agency. The dissolution of the Band from 1996 to 2005, he described as a “decade-long low point”. “We enjoy the straight up,” he said, “we have creative freedom, beautiful tours. It’s great,” said Gary Barlow, who is now 48 years old.

And so the anniversary will be celebrated with a major tour. Alone in London’s O2 Arena Take That occur eight Times in a row. Are planned in Germany, performances in Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. The end of the year, released the anniversary album “Odyssey” was out on the festivities.

making A Comeback in the original line keeps Gary Barlow absolutely possible: “We have made the 2011 and we to do it again,” he told the dpa, “I’m sure of it.” What to bring exactly the future, he could not say, however, stressed Barlow.

Nigel Martin-Smith is the man, the Take That was cast. Impressed by the success of the US boy band New Kids On The Block, the Agent wanted to create a British counterpart. As the last of Robbie Williams joined in 1989, finally, to the force, he was at the time, with 16 years the Youngest of the five.

And soon Take That which applied at the time as the legitimate successor to the Beatles should find a way to unleash the most unimaginable hysteria among the teenagers, the group was often the centre of life. “Pray” or “Back For Good” were their hymns.

And Gary, Robbie, Mark, Howard and Jason took the success of excessive. For a time, that went well, until the difficulties with the Band-a Clown, a drunk and a drug freak Robbie Williams started, was with Gary Barlow more and more often in dispute. “The only black sheep in our ranks was Robbie,” said Barlow. As Robbie Williams in 1995’s exit, sealed the also the temporary end of Take That.

At the time, the Success of Gary Barlow remembers with mixed feelings. “All of a sudden you have no everyday life, no, what keeps you up somehow on the ground,” he told “Playboy”. “Everything you do is amazing and important, no one is beating you more any desire you are floating a metre above the reality. Life was not healthy.” Take That at the time had been on the absolute top, but he had felt extremely lonely.

times have changed a long time ago: “We have families, children. Today we say to the 60,000 people in Wembley stadium, have a good night and go home, to see our wonderful children,” said Barlow. Significant things are the key. “In the’ 90s, there was nothing Significant, but almost only Superficial.”