screenwriter Wolfgang Kohl Haase has written on two German pages of film history”. Of movies like the artist drama “Solo Sunny” (1980), the great semi-strong-movie “Berlin-Ecke schönhauser” (1957) and the casual prenzlberg-Romance from “summer on the balcony” testimony.

The author, who also got the national prize of the GDR and the Federal cross of merit, accepted already in 2010, a Golden bear at the Berlinale for his work. Today, Wolfgang Kohl Haase celebrates his 88. Birthday.

most Recently, he signed on for the script to the DDR-Requiem “In times of diminishing light”. The former author of the GDR film company DEFA, and worked with renowned Directors such as Konrad Wolf, Frank Beyer and Gerhard Klein, was seen as some of the other East German film authors as a member of the SED, the shadow pages of the official SED cultural policy. Cabbage Haase was one of those DDR-authors of rank, who had found after the fall of the Berlin wall, 1989, also in the recent German Film connection and success.

Even if script-writers are always considered less than Directors, cabbage Haase known internationally, especially through its collaboration with the 1982 deaths of film Director Konrad Wolf in the anti-war drama, “I was 19” (1968) and Frank Beyer in “The resident” (1982).

At the still amazingly critical of society ends tragicomedy “Solo Sunny with grace” from 1979 worked as the screenwriter also Co-Director of Wolf. For the main actress Renate Krößner there was at the Berlinale in 1980 in the Western part of the city, even a Silver bear for her portrayal of the headstrong, through the GDR-province of tingel, the rebellious singer Sunny.

The Film, which is Kohlhaases fondness for take that Berlin’s tone of voice, was one of the most famous examples of the renewed focus of the East German film: the East German everyday life after the first brave, but soon stifled attempts by the DEFA Studios in the 60s.

“Solo Sunny” shows the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin in the grey tones of the real socialism as well as the melancholy Bohemian mood, and the stubborn will to live of the colorful artists people between the crumbling facades. After the fall of the wall again flourished “Prenzlberg” should be Dresen a quarter of a century later, the Background of his much-acclaimed daily life Comedy “summer on the balcony”, directed by Andreas. A critic (Süddeutsche Zeitung) called the Film a “classic DEFA Film – a last flowering of the great film tradition of the GDR”.

As here also in Babelsberg, shortly before the fall of the wall turned crook Comedy “The break” from the first post-war years (with Götz George, directed by Frank Beyer) clearly showed Kohlhaases handwriting and penchant for the little man with mother wit and heart – and “Berliner Schnauze”. With Dresen cabbage Haase also worked together in 2009 at the insider Comedy from the film industry, “Whisky with vodka”. Volker Schlöndorff, the Director was a partner in the terrorist drama “The silence after the shot” from 1999.