He is still a Star. Among the countless Fans of Haruki Murakami, Japan’s world-famous best-selling author, even a Nobel laureate such as stem cell researcher Shinya Yamanaka. Also Murakami is traded for many years as a candidate for the Nobel prize.

Shortly before his 70. Birthday on 12. January, he had even good chances of getting a call from Stockholm. However, not by the Nobel jury, but of the “New Academy”, a merger of Swedish culture, awarded last October, an alternative prize for literature.

the Shortlist also Murakami. But the Japanese politely declined. While it is a great honor, but he would prefer to focus on the Writing, away from all the media attention, he told the Jury. If he was traded, even after all these many years, in which he again and again, maybe secretly but still chance to win a real Nobel prize to work it out? You don’t know it. Idly, he is not, and Murakami’s aware of his popularity and importance to the world of literature.

the Letter, he began in 1975 after graduating College, while the Individualist operating at the time, a Jazz Bar in Tokyo. His debut as an author, he had in 1979, when he won for his Japanese work written “Hear the Wind Sing” the Gunzo prize for young authors. In the work of the critic experienced a Western culture influenced the authors focused on the influence of Pop on modern life. Since then, he has written numerous novels, short stories and essays. Murakami’s works have been translated into more than 40 languages, and as films or stage plays adapted.

There are unique worlds that the Japanese are creating. Full of stoic, strange characters, supernatural events, and the inner chasms. They act by people who stand out from the uniform mass, as individualists, but also your Failure and arouse nevertheless, sympathy for you.

His success in Europe and America, experts explain, among other things, with the Western orientation of Murakami’s, the ease of the readers in the West have access to his works. His most recent novel, “The murder of the Commendatore,” was released in 2017, and has also been a best-seller. However, despite all of his successes of the Japanese, is a Fan of Baseball and also for his passion as a runner is famous, “a normal guy”.

Shortly before his 70. Birthday, he bequeathed to his Alma Mater manuscripts of his books and Translations. The archive at the Elite University Waseda in Tokyo should be a place of international encounter. “I’m more than happy, if these materials can be for those of Use that want to study my Work, no matter whether they are Japanese or Non-Japanese,” said Murakami in November, on his first press conference for 37 years.