The Danish Director Lars von Trier is known for its provocations known. It is mostly psychological torture, but also often brutal excesses of violence, with which he challenges his audience.

in 2011, he was then beyond the canvas made headlines as the Cannes film festival declared him to Nazi Utterances, Persona non grata. In may of 2018, but the exile was over and the 62-Year-old was at the festival with his new work “The House That Jack, the world Built to celebrate” premiere. In fact, the Enfant terrible of the European scene in the movie was hailed there with minutes long Standing Ovations – but the Thriller that shocked a lot of viewers so much that they fled prematurely from the chamber.

Matt Dillon as a psychopathic serial killer

The main role this Time, Matt Dillon. The US-Americans (“Crazy Mary”, “L. A. Crash”) plays Jack, a at first glance rather boring Average guy with colourless glasses and a beige trench coat. In it, a serial killer is but how to learn quickly: As the first Uma Thurman must believe in it. She has on a country road, a breakdown, and persuades Jack to take her with you to the next workshop. She babbles continuously to the silent man – to the your the head strikes.


Jack (Matt Dillon) can’t let the murders

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The murder is bizarre noted never and so Jack begins life as a Killer. Again and again he drags the bodies to the cargo area of his van, and thinks up new ways of killing. But as bloody as that sounds (and partially is): Lars von Trier tells the Horror is surprisingly entertaining and, above all, with lots of Humor. So Jack is portrayed by Dillon persuasive, suffers under the trim and plaster is not forced, what is as a serial killer, just helpful: In an extremely grotesque sequence, he returns again and again to the scene of the crime, any blood blowing away a fleeing drops and to check multiple times whether he also left everything in perfect order.

Bruno Ganz is a kind of hell

Lars von Trier plays and embeds his Story in a broader context, as you know it already from his previous films like “Dogville” or “Melancholia”. The focus of thoughts and conversations, which are displayed from the Off. It comes to art, Power, architecture, family, and morality. As an accompanying instance of Bruno comes into the game that will bring Jack later in hell.


Bruno Ganz as a diabolical companion in Lars von Trier’s Shocker “The House That Jack

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Built” Prior to this, the tips of the events to be expected on the canvas, however, and Lars von Trier and his audience a lot. In a flashback to Jack’s sad Childhood, he shows how the Young abknipst a duckling with a leg, before the adult Jack is one of his most brutal murders: As a hunter, he shoots from a high-stand of two children and forcing the mother to feed their dead sons with cake – these scenes were in Cannes for horror. They are probably also the reason that the Film is released in the us until the age of 18 years.

“The House That Jack” Built to endure hard

in fact, the action is not to endure well, and one wonders why the recurring murders should be good. Director von Trier in the meta-level, while socially critical tones resonate, especially with regard to the (Power)relations between men and women. Really satisfactory answers or explanations for the behavior of the sadistic psychopath he is.

Nevertheless, one can “The House That Jack Built” interpret as insight into von Trier’s troubled inner life, deal with him the issues that were discussed here over the years. An optimistic view of the world, the Dane had never had – but that’s exactly what made his works so exciting and complex. “The House That Jack Built” is not much different, but a will also deal to the creepy and memorable final even longer.

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