Because of a serious illness of her father, Britney Spears put on at the beginning of January an indefinite career break. Now she is back. The pop singer gets a private Musical. The Show “Once Upon a One More Time” will from 29. October initially run in Chicago, but will later be on Broadway, said the 37-Year-old on Tuesday.

The piece, a kind of feminist fairytale, composed of Spears Hits. The title plays on her debut album “Baby One More Time”. “I am so pleased to have a Musical with my Songs – especially one that takes place in a magical world, with characters I grew up with and the one I love,” said the singer, adding, “for me, a dream come true”.

Drama to your father

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According to Spears’ website, it’s in the Musical to famous fairy tale princesses like snow white and Cinderella and her book club, the one day of a “villainous Fairy-stepmother is” haunted, which leaves you with the classic “The feminine mystique”, the American feminist Betty Friedan “in your laced-tails” can be found.

A new musical comedy set to the pop anthems of Britney Spears is officially here! ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME is…

Posted by Britney Spears on Tuesday, 12. March 2019

Britney Spears said all of the performances from

The book brings you “the Royal revelations,” reads the announcement. Your idea of “they lived happily together to the end of their days” to be shaken by the feminist view: “there Should be in life, in fact, more than of birds-made robes, and the kiss of the Beloved?”

Britney Spears was from 2000 to 2005, the highest-paid singer in the world. After that, the blows became more frequent in their professional and private. Meanwhile, she has recovered, however, and your career is set in motion.

2013 is got with “Piece of Me” your own Show in Las Vegas, has completed more than 248 performances and playing to 2017, according to “Billboard”magazine 138 million dollars (121 million euros). Starting in February you wanted to present in the Hotel Park MGM on Las Vegas Boulevard your new stage show is “Domination”. However, because her father, according to media reports, a bowel rupture had suffered and almost died, like Britney Spears said, she said, until Further notice, all of the performances.

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