ministers have threatened the First british minister Theresa May to resign after having been informed of a concession that it would be willing to do on-the Brexit to reach an agreement with the EU, have written to british newspapers Friday, 12 October. Last Thursday, in the late afternoon, Theresa May had met with his top ministers to discuss the status of ongoing discussions between London and Brussels to organise their divorce, scheduled for march 29, 2019.

According to the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, she has exhibited a planning proposal for the maintenance of the United Kingdom in a customs union with the EU until an agreement can be reached on their future business relationship, even after a period of transition post-Brexit expected to be complete at the end of December 2020. A way to end the headache of the border between the british province of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland neighbour, a member of the EU, and to avoid the recovery of the physical delineation after the Brexit, a week before a vital summit in Brussels.

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This question of the border in ireland is one of the major stumbling blocks of the negotiations with Brussels. But members of the government favour of Brexit are concerned that this proposal can become permanent, a perspective that they deem to be unacceptable because it would prevent the Uk from concluding trade agreements with third countries after leaving the EU. One or several of them have threatened to resign, according to the Telegraph, the Times or the Guardian, who does not cite by name.

“big problems”

A spokesman Theresa May has swept the scenario of a customs union, with unlimited duration, noting that ” the prime minister would never accept an agreement that piégerait the Uk permanently “. “The future economic relationship must be in place by the end of December 2021 at the latest “, he added during a press briefing. The spokesman acknowledged, however, that there were still “big problems” to solve and that Theresa would continue to meet with his ministers until the next european summit. “We will continue to discuss today and throughout the weekend if necessary. “

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The newspaper also pointed out that several ministers, including the minister of Relations with Parliament, Andrea Leadsom, and the international Development minister, Penny Mordaunt, have expressed their unease about plans from Theresa May. The leader is also under pressure from its parliamentary ally, the small unionist party northern irish DUP, essential to his majority. It said that it could withdraw its support based on the fate of Northern Ireland in the negotiation of a Brexit.

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