Upset, stops the Remchinger district Forester Thomas king on Wednesday night on a forest road a Car. The reason is quite simple: For private vehicles in this way is taboo. How the “SWR” first reported, he discussed with the driver of the car. A little later Boris Becker pulled out and I explained to him that he needed to urgently reach a train in Karlsruhe, quoted the SWR of the surprised Forester. Accordingly, the 51-admitted Year and some Branches to the side and asked his Chauffeur to continue.

forest road instead of the motorway – why? Press votes

Champions League

“gets Bayern beating”: the press commented on the Munich debacle against Liverpool

A celebrity Bonus Becker gets from the municipality of Remchingen. As the “image” reported, threatening him and his driver in addition to a display “due to improper Driving in the forest”, a fine of up to 2500 euros. But why Becker took the bumpy way through the Remchinger forest? A Truck had lost on the A8 between Pforzheim and Karlsruhe, several thousand liters of greasy surfactants on the roadway due to the cleaning of the accumulated work, in part, on a length of 15 kilometers. The bugged Becker, he was by the TV channel Sky for the Live broadcast of the Champions League hit between Bayern Munich and the Liverpool FC schedule. In order to be on time in the Studio, had to catch the Tennis Star took the train to Munich. A part of his Gage will now probably go for the fine.

Becker: “Forester stand with chain saw in front of me”

Becker himself was amused later in the Studio about the incident in the forest. “The Forester with a chainsaw in front of me. That would be almost assumed to be bloody,” joked the self-confessed Bayern Fan. After 1:3 defeat, and the earned Out in the second round, Becker was then placed for a Joke.