actress Mena Suvari surprised in Los Angeles in the Punk-Look

©David Acosta/Image Press Agency/image collect

Mena Suvari (40, “American Beauty”) on Monday at the Premiere of a new documentary series in Los Angeles, posed, and had to watch one or the other photographer with security twice. The actress had to be adapted to the theme of the four-part documentary called “Punk” and was hardly recognizable.

reason above all, their eye-catching hairstyle. Because braided during Suvari had styled her own hair strictly back – up small Cornrows – dangling her three platinum blonde braids over the right shoulder. But that’s not enough: Looked closer to realize was that the horse-tails with small metal hooks were attached to the Cornrows.

to Match the flamboyant hairstyle, the actress chose her Make-up. Red eye shadow and white überschminkte eyebrows made the Punk Look perfectly. Her sombre All-Black Outfit consisting of a long skirt and sweater was, however, significantly less fancy. The nothing made but The focus was on the evening or so on the hair of the “American Beauty”-Stars.