everything, what Naoki Higashida has to Write. The Japanese is nonverbal autistic and can barely speak. At the age of five years, this particularly severe Form of autism was found in him. Today, Naoki Higashida is 26 years old – and best-selling author. In his home he is a well-known writer who authored poems, Essays, and books. Just another book of his, “Seven Times fall down, eight Times get up”, in German.

Verbally can Express themselves Higashida hardly, in writing, for the better. In everyday life, he makes himself understood by pointing to letters on a blackboard, sometimes he taps on a keyboard. Often, however, Writing on the Computer for him is too big of a distraction, he’ll lose often in each letter, he tells. “Who has not had this experience themselves, will go through life without suspecting how soul shattering such a Word.” Just a small insight into the world of an autistic, neuro-typical people (autistic people with “normal” neurological development) normally remains closed.

Naoki Higashida: the first Bestseller at the age of 13

people with autism have often already at a young age is particularly strong skills. Higashida wrote at the age of 13 his first Bestseller: “Why can’t I look you in the eye”. In the book, Higashida leads you through his life and answers frequently asked questions. In 30 languages, the work has been translated, also climbed in the United States and great Britain to the top of the Amazon sales lists, and got rave reviews. Especially for autistic people all over the world, but also in their immediate environment, was Higashidas book is a kind of liberation. There are many books about autism, but a few that come directly and unfiltered from the pen of someone who is affected by such a severe Form of autism.


“fall down Seven Times, eight Times

Naoki Higashida


253 pages

12 Euro

Here, broke through, finally, somebody, the wall of silence, behind which he was apparently captured and showed the world just how he saw them, but also, stand up” how his own world worked. Many of those Affected felt, understood, and represented, many of the people who have to deal with them on a daily basis and often at a loss, got important insights.

in Spite of autism, he thinks like an adult

“I can’t speak well, but that doesn’t mean that I think”, told Higashida in an Interview with “Time Magazine”: “It is only in this way that the words disappear in my head when I try to speak.” In his new book, Higashida told from the silence of autism. In the smallest of Details, he shows what goes through his head until he understands that the sound that he currently perceives, is rain.

Twelve thoughts steps needs to be the brain to understand something that can classify parts of a neuro-typical brain in a fraction of a second. Also his sense of time works in a different way: “If I have to do for a Moment nothing, I experience it as I would have to do in all eternity, nothing more.”

“Decides for us”

Often, Higashida acts like a child, in many ways, he needs the support of his family. Mentally but he can perceive the world as an adult – the “Guardian” wrote about “Why I can’t look you in the eye”, in fact, that Higashida as a 13-Year old understood his place in the world better than some 30-Year-old. Autistic people do not want to be constantly treated as special cases, is one of his core statements in his new book, they wanted to get the Chance to know the world itself: “does not Decide for us, because: ‘they don’t understand anyway’, or: ‘not interested’.”

And, therefore, Higashida writes, to give his thoughts a voice on the paper, but also all other, which is so like him. His greatest wish: “I wish only that neuro-understand typical people how it looks in our head.” “Thorns in the heart,” he calls those things, which he can never do or understand. What he would First like to say, if he could just talk, as he thinks, knows Naoki Higashida exactly: “thank you so much for everything, mom.”

sources: “Time Magazine”, “Guardian”