The minister of justice, Nicole Belloubet, unveiled on Thursday 18 October, to the new prison of Aix-en-Provence, the establishment of the 15 000 places foreseen in its plan of corrections.

The delivery of these 15 000 additional spaces, promised by Emmanuel Macron, must be done in two times : 7 000 must be delivered by 2022, and 8 000 by 2027. With a focused objective : reduce overcrowding in prisons, which took on a dimension record, with 70 164 prisoners at 1 September, less than 60 000 seats.

The real estate program prison is ” very diversified, because the situations of the prisoners are very different from each other, and we must treat them differently “, said Thursday the minister of justice.

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Prepare the release

A side of 2 500 spaces created in homes to stop ” classic “, but with a “high” security level, in particular in the prison in paris the Health restored, the keeper of the seals is committed to build “the 2 000-seater by 2020″ in the accompanying structures towards the exit, ” SAS “, to take charge of the prisoners at the end of sentence or sentenced to less than one year in prison.

” we need to give them autonomy, and prepare the output. It assumes structures that are obviously not structures very secure, the SAS, ( … ), these are buildings that fit perfectly into an architecture that is urban and which you don’t see the difference with other buildings – of course, safety is ensured at the inside, ” she said in Belloubet.

Quite similar to the current districts for sentences furnished (QPA), the SAS will be located in urban or peri-urban, and attached administratively to a prison facility. 16 sites were chosen, with a capacity ranging from 60 to 180 seats. Five of these SAS will be implemented in the paris region, the other will be in Lille, Colmar, Caen, Grenoble, Toulon and Montpellier.

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Melun, Alès, Angers, etc…

While the Ile-de-France already counts a half-dozen jails – facilities for defendants awaiting trial or sentenced to less than two years in prison, Nicole Belloubet confirmed or announced the construction of several new prisons on the horizon of 2027 : three 700 seats each in Tremblay-en-France, Noiseau and Melun, and a 600-seater in the Val-d’oise.

Of the houses of arrest must also see the light of day in the decade to Alès in the Gard (500 seats), Angers (400) or Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, Guyane (500).

The chancellery has, however, abandoned several projects of the new prisons started in February 2017 by the ex-minister of justice Jean-Jacques Urvoas, including those of Narbonne, Nantes or Cherbourg.

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