As the "mirror" reported, wanted to talk to the party leader of the European people’s party (EPP), Joseph Daul, before coming up on Wednesday the EU summit with his party over the Hungarian Prime Minister. Orbán is a member of the EPP and in the party because of his immigrant Statements is not without controversy.

During a telephone conversation on Wednesday, according to the report, Orban was present, is said to have reported Merkel’s word and Orbán, among others, have criticised the fact that he regularly has words of praise for Salvini left. "He is my Hero and companion", had Orbán told about before Meeting with Salvini in August.

German Chancellor and received support

As the "mirror" writes, to have the Chancellor in the small circle is already often about this statement outraged. Salvini, driving in Italy is an extremely harsh policy against refugees, makes the part of the unsavory statements about Refugees. In a Facebook Video he referred to this, among other things, as a "human flesh".

Others at the interview present for EPP-members, such as the Finnish EU Commissioner Jyrki Katainen, the criticism of the Chancellor on the Fidez-chief Orbán should have connected. Support Orbán received from the Austrian Federal Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz.

The EPP wanted to confirm the "mirror" to the talks nor deny. Several participants had confirmed the "mirror".

the exclusion of Fidesz from the EPP, according to the "mirror" but apparently not to the debate stood. EPP chief Joseph Daul, have made, therefore, at the beginning of the conversation is clear that a request of a certain number of party members is necessary. Such does not apply.

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