They were thousands, last Sunday, at the Oracle Arena, the hall of champions of the NBA, the Golden State Warriors. While the preseason is in full swing – the championship will resume on the 16th of October next –, all wanted to see, up close, the “dream team” of california, and its star, Stephen Curry. The king of the shot at 3 points (he had beaten the record by entering 9 shoots award-winning during the final round of the playoffs last year) was able to succeed in a basket unlikely to training.

With one hand and back to the basket

alongside Steve Kerr, the coach, he is poised back to the basket in the middle of the field. There, a single hand, he managed to find the pattern ! A shoot of exception, in which the images are quickly gone viral on the social networks and have gone far beyond the u.s. borders.

The triple champion NBA recalls the good memories of the fans of the orange ball, which will still have to wait a week before the resumption of the best basketball championship in the world. A season where the Golden State Warriors will grandissimes favorites : 93 % of managers of the 30 franchises in the league believe that they will retain their title !

In the meantime the duel with LeBron James

The observers watch the duels expected in the face of the Los Angeles Lakers, who can now count on the backing of LeBron James. “King James” was in effect managed to move up the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals against Golden State in the last four seasons and had even won a title (in 2016).

Fortunately for fans, the two teams will not wait for the regular season to compete. In effect, two meetings of gala between the teams in california are planned for this week. The Lakers will receive the Warriors at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday (at 4: 30 in the morning, French time), before a new confrontation Saturday at the Oracle Arena (also 4: 30 in the morning).

Curry, the metamorphosis

in the Face of LeBron James, Stephen Curry, author of 23 points last night despite the loss to Phoenix (109-117) – will be able to make a display of his talent. He arrived in the big league in 2009, has long been disrupted by injury, repetitive to the ankle. Operated in 2012, Curry was then assigned to long sessions of training to perfect the shots.

Objective : to recreate the stressful situations during matches and ensure an unwavering confidence behind the arc to 3 points. Since then, the work has paid off and Curry has become one of the best players of the moment. In order to continue to write his legend, he now hopes to win a fourth title and be named best player of the finals, a distinction that is still missing in his list.