The German citizens are a majority, the summer time permanently. As the magazine “Focus” reported, in a survey conducted by the Kantar TNS Emnid, 51 percent of respondents for the summer time. 42 percent of citizens are opposed to this, in the future, only in the winter time to maintain.

Particularly large, the consent to the winter time when the older German citizens. Of the over 65-Year-olds, 57 percent were for the winter time and only 38 percent for the summer time. Conversely, in the case of the 14 – to 29-Year-olds, with 66 percent, the highest level of agreement for the permanent summer time (winter time: 27 percent).

For a permanent summer time is the “Focus” according to the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU). “In Europe, a large majority of the people want to live, without the time change. That should drive us. I can imagine twelve months summer time, anyway,” said Spahn, the “Focus”.

against the wind for the maintenance of Spahns, however, comes from the German teachers ‘ Association. The Association’s Chairman Heinz-Peter Meidinger, demanded that in future the winter time to maintain. “Parent, student and teacher point of view, a transition to permanent winter would be the time,” he said. This will prevent children for months in the dark on the way to school.

The EU Commission’s plans, the time change in the next year, to abolish either the summer or winter time permanently maintain.