Lack of service shirts, to little protection in the West, supply constraints or not, all sizes in stock. The list of defects in the clothing of the soldiers of the Bundeswehr is long, such as the military representative of the German Bundestag in his spring report tabled mentioned. Now but is given a hard to believe the end of the gap by the Federal Ministry of defence. It will take until 2031, until all the soldiers are equipped with the most advanced combat clothing and modern protection West. In 13 years, a so-called full equipment is to be achieved.

so Far, there are modern combat uniforms and protective vests for the troops in operations abroad. That should change now. In a now received a reply from the Ministry of defence to a request by the FDP members, reference is made to the “re – orientation of the national and Alliance defence”. Soldiers in Germany are in future to be fully equipped. But that will take a decade.

According to the information from the Federal Ministry of defence, about the policy or security policy blog reported that, although the current stocks “to meet the current needs in the framework of the inserts is sufficient”. So far from the foreign operations, derived features of 24,000 combat clothing sets in 3-color camouflage pattern, and 7,000 sets in 5-colour camouflage pattern, is described in detail in the response. In addition, there is a 32,000-protective vests of the higher class of protection 4. The need for modern combat helmets is estimated at 228,000 pieces.

Bundeswehr with double equipment is a problem

so Far, every army, although the soldier in a battle suit, but with the current state of modern soldiers clothing. So the new battle suits, for example, are hard to spot through night vision devices. In the Bundeswehr’s history, there was, for example, from the mid-60s, the “box suit olive” and from the end of the 90s, then the “box suit camouflage”. Its Design and properties were gradually improved, but the models have not been introduced throughout the force.

How many additional combat suits, protective vests and battle helmets will now be specifically procured in the next 13 years, will be called by the Ministry of defence to the public. This would provide a “comprehensive insight into the further development of inventories and thus to draw conclusions on the capabilities of the German armed forces allow,” reads the notice. The aim of the Federal government, the “demand-oriented and time-oriented facilities for all members of the German armed forces with clothing and personal equipment”.

the armed forces-equipment manufacturers are facing a double challenge. On the one hand and the entire force of comprehensive. On the other, the three years ago, again fully nationalised dress chamber of the German armed forces, which now operates as a BW apparel management GmbH (BwBM) is employed, still with the own realignment. It should not only replaces outdated technology and Software, but also the entire organization can be improved, says the Cologne-based company.

provisions for yarn and color fastness

The company with approximately 1300 employees and nearly 191 million euros in sales in 2017, supplied according to its own figures, around 200,000 soldiers and the civilian employees of the Bundeswehr. There are complex structures, who gets what from the 7000 items in a range of sizes, and how is settled. There is the service of clothing for the staff of the German armed forces, also including the cutter or the part itself, including eider. Paid also grants on the Clothing.

The state-owned clothing retailer is at least proud of the fact that he has 2017 without any problems around 22,000 recruits only clothes. To succeed again this year. However, the recruits supply is only part of the task. In an article on its website, the Federal company acknowledges that in Conjunction with the Ministry of defence and the equipment office of the Bundeswehr BAAINBw procurement faster.

can, However, be ordered not just the next-best manufacturer in a combat suit – if you could ever deliver. There must be tenders, sometimes even in Europe. In detail everything required, right up to the yarn and the color fastness. Then lengthy sample tests to follow.

“socks, not to mention

” Moreover, production would be limited capacity for military products, it is, in the BwBM. This concerns not only the manufacturers, but also suppliers for fabric and yarns. In addition, the demand for combat clothing was in the world increased sharply.

For the FDP Bundestag Deputy Alexander Müller, who, together with members of the party, the inquiry about the clothing problems of the Federal government, it is in any case untenable conditions. “The Federal government still needs 13 years to supply the troops with modern personal equipment, is shameful. Our soldiers urgently need modern combat clothing, protective vests and battle helmets, not to mention socks,“ declared the politician on request.